-3 teaspoonfuls of powders to bak

- ¼ of teaspoonfuls of salt

-225 grams of butter

-1 taza ½ cups of sugar

-1 taza ½ spoonfuls of vanillas

-5 eggs

-1 cups of cocao powder

-1 taza 1/3 cups of milk


Cernir the flour, raya, go aut and cacao mix the butter with the sugar untilit fluffs. the vanilla and the eggs are added ting one by one beating well. Add the flour alternating with the milk up to forming a smooth pastry. Epour in a mold of 23 centimeters of diameter round spread butter on it and sprinkle some flour. bake at 200º centigrate degrees for approximately 1 hours ó until a clean toothpick goes out. Let cool. Cover the cake and decorate with a few cherries in syrup add to the cake

Evelisa M¬ Medina